20 Facts About The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Though Will's antics and upbringing contrast greatly with the upper-class . Will wants to use the car to go to a Ziggy Marley concert in Nevada, Philip and Viv won't let h Geoffrey's old employer Lord Fowler and his daughter come to the Banks' house for the weekend. It streams in Canada on Crave. Reverend White Nearly 25 years on, and its clear that the The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was more than just a sitcom, or a vehicle for a family friendly, easy-going rapper to pay off his tax bills. (2 episodes, 1991-1992), Hotel Patron Watch Streaming Wars! (2 episodes, 1993-1995), Mr. Greenspan Will, a street-smart teenager, moves from the tough streets of West Philly to posh Bel-Air to live with his Uncle Philip, Aunt Vivian, his cousins spoiled Hilary, preppy Carlton and young Ashley and their sophisticated British butler, Geoffrey. From climate change to volcanos and marching penguins. (6 episodes, 1993-1996), Kellogg Lieberbaum Could not stop laughing while watching this. (1 episode, 1996), Full Cast & Crew: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. (1 episode, 1993), College Reporter The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is set for a reboot and this time it's going to be more grounded in realism, offering a grittier version of the show. Medina pitched the idea to Smith, but Smith was reluctant, having never acted before. (1 episode, 1991), Lottery Host The hell with him! In the United Kingdom, all seasons became available on BBC iPlayer from 1 January 2021, and also currently airs on Sky Comedy and Sky Showcase. ULA student Vanessa In 1995, she appeared in her first film, John Singleton's college drama Higher Learning, but her main focus at the time was modeling.Meanwhile, Smith's TV career was anything but secure, as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air season 4 was written with the understanding that it could be cancelled. Sign in to rate and Watchlist for personalized recommendations. / Marissa Redman Will wants to use the car to go to a Ziggy Marley concert in Nevada, Philip and Viv won't let him so he makes a proposition to be on his best behavior for the week. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Season 1 trailer SoulMediaDenmark 1.2K subscribers 556 158K views 12 years ago http://www.soulmedia.dk/kat_info.php?. / The series finale was taped on Thursday, March 21, 1996,[42][43] and aired on Monday, May 20, 1996. Will's working class background ends up clashing in various humorous ways with the upper class world of the Banks family Will's stern uncle Phil and tough but fair aunt Vivian and their children, Will's cousins: spoiled Hilary, pompous Carlton, impressionable Ashley and baby Nicky (introduced in season 3), as well as their sarcastic butler Geoffrey. "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" reunion debuted Thursday on HBO Max and delivered both laughter and tears. You know, ain't like I'm still five years old, you know? Maurice, a famous actor. Known as Smith's star vehicle into television, and later his film career, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was a top hit for NBC, running for 148 episodes over six seasons. / / It was just an explosion of really good luck."[40]. (49 episodes, 1994-1996), Lisa Wilkes The series will be directed, co-written and co-executive produced by Morgan Cooper, who wrote and directed the four-minute spec trailer which debuted on social media in March 2019. [71][72] Will Smith subsequently heavily praised the fan film, commenting that "Morgan did a ridiculous trailer for Bel-Air. When Will picks up the phone, thinking that it's Dee Dee, the phone cord gets tangled up in the necklace he's wearing. [3][4] A more dramatic reimagining of the series, titled Bel-Air and based on the fan film of the same name, was given a two-season order for Peacock, and released on February 13, 2022.[5]. The reboot is all down to a viral video made by filmmaker Morgan Cooper, whose fantastic re-imagining of the show for modern times wen viral in 2019. Other past carriers include WGN America, TBS, TNT, Walt Disney Television's Disney XD, ABC Family and ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks' Paramount Network. The most memorable episode of The Fresh Prince has to be season fours Papa's Got a Brand New Excuse aka The Episode Where Wills Father Finally Comes Back. They enter a talent contest to try to win the prize.It's Carlton's birthday. / Who Will Win Your Attention? James Avery had a short cameo as "the father from Fresh Prince" on Family Matters, at the end of the episode "Scenes from a Mall". / / The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is an American television sitcom created by Andy and Susan Borowitz for NBC. We cried. Will wants black history taught in his school. TV-PG 24m IMDb RATING 7.6 /10 716 YOUR RATING Rate Comedy Will has a blind date and likes the girl, Dee Dee, a lot, but her weight is an obstacle to him when it comes to asking her for the school dance. (uncredited) As the show's popular theme song. Despite portraying himself as a charismatic, self-confident playboy. Dr. Harding, another Doctor in Will's nightmare. [78] The series premiered in February 2022. Here's a guide to the main cast of classic 1990s sitcom The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air.Prior to The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, Will Smith was best known as one half of hip-hop group DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, who scored hits with "Summertime" and "Parents Just Don't Understand."The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air quickly proved to be a ratings success, based around Smith's charisma and the talent of . (2 episodes, 1991), Director It was heartbreaking to see everyone but Will know that his returning dad, Lou, would eventually disappoint and for Will to refuse it until the final moments. But where Lou shows us what a bad father can be, Uncle Phil showed us the loving, open-minded kind. From episode 4 onward the theme song was reduced by one verse Twenty years may have passed since The Fresh Prince ending, but there are still few shows that can match it for talking on racial issues in such an accessible way. 7.9 (1,501) Rate. His father gives a trip to Vegas for Carlton and Will as a gift. But what it really was, was a guide to life for a generation of young people, giving you everything you needed to know about life, love, and moments of happiness and great sorrow. Set in modern-day,Bel-Airis a serialized one-hour dramatic adaptation of the '90s sitcom starring Smith. Creators Andy Borowitz Susan Borowitz Stars Will Smith James Avery Alfonso Ribeiro See production, box office & company info Watch on HBO Max S1-6 with Prime Video Channels More watch options Add to Watchlist Even Geoffrey, the worlds greatest butler and master of the sneak diss, was capable of moments of great affection and sincerity. All members of the Banks family wrestled with sex and relationship problems throughout the series. / (5 episodes, 1992-1996), Bridesmaid The reboot of Fresh Prince, simply entitled Bel-Air, hits television screens on Super Bowl Sunday: February 13, 2022. Black father figures are a fraught archetype and a generation wept when the actor who played Uncle Phil, James Avery, died in 2013. Carlton becomes addicted to gambling and loses all the money as well as the return home tickets. The Read allIt's Carlton's birthday. He showedSmith an old photo of himself and several classmates dressed as characters from the original series, sharing that the role is a "dream come true. X-Men! During the end credits, outtakes are shown of Will, Dee Dee & Geoffrey. Will Smith Will has a blind date and likes the girl, Dee Dee, a lot, but her weight is an obstacle to him when it comes to asking her for the school dance. The 26 Best Walmart Deals to Shop This Weekend, Cast of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Shares Secrets Behind HBO Max Reunion (Exclusive). The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air premiered 22 years ago today, on September 10, 1990. Parsons also appeared in the Patti LaBelle sitcom Out All Night as Hilary. The Fresh Prince Project. Jazz fixes Will up with his beautiful, bossy sister, Janet. Michelle He based Will's cousins on Quincy Jones's daughters, and named Carlton after his friend Carlton Cuse. Series 1: 1. Philip risks losing a big account over Will. (5 episodes, 1990-1991), Judge Carl Robertson Will and Carlton learn that Hilary dropped out of college. Waitress The reboot is all down to a viral video made by filmmaker Morgan Cooper, whose fantastic re-imagining of the show for modern times wen viral in 2019. Woman #1 Nobody asked for a dark, dramatic reimagining of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," which makes the new series fitting that description, "Bel-Air," better than it has any right to be. Smith, 53, has three children: a son, Trey, with his ex-wife Sheree Zampino, and a son and daughter, Jaden and Willow, with his current wife (or life partner, as they'd say), Jada Pinkett Smith. Fantastic real-life tales you can stream now on Netflix. / Will joins his prep school's poetry club. (2 episodes, 1993), Marcus Bixby Heres a look at some of the biggest lessons The Fresh Prince imparted on us because, oh, what a glorious winter bounty we are about to be bestowed. Word Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Will dates one of Vivian's brightest college students. While at a magic show, Will is unknowingly hypnotized and begins to act like a child at the ring of a bell. (1 episode, 1990), Assistant Headmaster Armstrong Marissa Redman, Hilary's Boss. William 'Will' Smith: I don't want to see no damn Hoover dam. And I sure as hell don't need him for that, 'cause there ain't a damn thing he can teach me about how to love my kids! She's just a girl. Lady Penelope winds . The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 6 seasons Entertainment 1995 English audio TV-14 Buy Will Smith more or less plays himself in this good-natured NBC sitcom. 8. Adrian Holmes will play patriarch Phillip Banks, Cassandra Freeman will be the family's matriarch, Vivian Banks, Olly Sholotan stars as Carlton Banks, Coco Jones as Hilary Banks, and Akira Akbar as Ashley Banks. George Jefferson He returns as Bryan in 418. Will: Got to do my first date without him, right? (1 episode, 1991), Host on Home Shopping Network / For this list, we'll be looking at moments and episodes in this sitcom that addressed. Will's ugly Christmas decorations upset the neighbours. / / In 2015, he remarked that "it was written and taped in about three weeks, start to finish, and somehow it worked. See production, box office & company info, Columbia/Sunset Gower Studios - 1438 N. Gower Street, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA. Geoffrey's old employer Lord Fowler and his daughter come to the Banks' house for the weekend. Will Smith Channels Venus and Serena's Dad in 'King Richard' Trailer, 'Independence Day' at 25: Will Smith Talks Favorite Scenes (Flashback), Will Smith to Give Fans an Inside Look at His Life With Memoir 'Will', By signing up, you agree to our Jones was impressed by the idea and arranged a meeting with NBC chief Brandon Tartikoff. (uncredited) Will almost loses the family Mercedes to a pool hustler. Will's mom visits him in Bel-Air for Thanksgiving. / / Party Guest (uncredited) I'm gonna be a better father than he ever was. Self Medina invited Smith to meet Jones at a party that Jones was throwing at his house in December 1989. He saw success in the late '80s as part of hip-hop duo DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, but by the time the decade was over, excessive spending and negligent income taxes put Will in the hole with the IRS, to the tune of $2.8 million. (2 episodes, 1990-1991), Aligaroo Bailiff Watch The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air: Honeymoon, Watch The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air: Come Home, Watch The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air: Manager, Watch The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air: Season 5. [76][77] In September 2021, the full cast was announced with newcomer Jabari Banks cast as Will Smith, Adrian Holmes as Philip Banks, Cassandra Freeman as Vivian Banks, Olly Sholotan as Carlton Banks, Coco Jones as Hilary Banks, Akira Akbar as Ashley Banks, Jimmy Akingbola as Geoffrey, Jordan L. Jones as Jazz and Simone Joy Jones as Lisa. Met Gala Drama: The 14 Most Jaw-Dropping Moments to Ever Happen at Fashion's Biggest Night, Anna Wintour Reveals She Could Not Afford Dinner at the Met Gala in Her Early New York City Days, Met Gala 2023: Dua Lipa, Michaela Coel, Penlope Cruz and More to Co-Chair, How to Watch 'Peter Pan & Wendy' Online Now Streaming, Halle Bailey's The Little Mermaid Doll Is Already a Bestseller, 10 Oprah-Approved Mother's Day Gifts That Mom Will Love. (148 episodes, 1990-1996), Hilary Banks (1 episode, 1996), Makeup Artist The cast - minus their television patriarch James Avery, who died of . [81][82] More information and context were offered regarding the situation between Smith and Hubert and her exit when the two met for their conversation. Also. Returned in 620 to co-host bloopers of the show with Will Smith. In the House and Fresh Prince were both executive-produced by Winifred Hervey, David Salzman and Quincy Jones. (2 episodes, 1995-1996), Video Crew Electrician Updated: The best NOW TV shows and Sky series to watch - updated weekly. / UPDATED: The best shows on Amazon Prime to watch. (1 episode, 1995), Girl in Elevator [Will wants to take Lady Penelope out for the evening]. Hubert discussed the turmoil in her personal life, her abusive marriage and that she had not actually been fired by the show. Lady Penelope winds Geoffrey's old employer Lord Fowler and his daughter come to the Banks' house for the weekend. Master William, if all 895 members of the Royal Family suddenly died, she would be the next Queen of England. & 2023 CBS Studios Inc. and CBS Interactive Inc., Paramount companies. Ranger After the show was released to syndication in 1994, the series' distribution rights were picked up by Warner Bros. Television Distribution who continue to hold them to this day, while NBCUniversal owns the series copyright via NBC Productions' successor-in-interest, Universal Television.[45][46][47][48]. Fire Chief In 2019, a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air fan came up with an idea to reboot the sitcom as a gritty drama, even making a mock trailer to show how it could look. Will wants to use the car to go to a Ziggy Marley concert in Nevada, Philip and Viv won't let him so he makes a proposition to be on his best behavior for the week. The series stars Will Smith as a fictionalized version of himself, a street-smart teenager born and raised in West Philadelphia who is sent to move in with his wealthy uncle and aunt in Bel-Air, where his lifestyle often clashes with that of his upper-class relatives. Margaret Save the Last Trance for Me Episode aired Apr 17, 1995 TV-PG 23m IMDb RATING 7.4 /10 527 YOUR RATING Rate Comedy While at a magic show, Will is unknowingly hypnotized and begins to act like a child at the ring of a bell. (uncredited) (2 episodes, 1991-1993), Hoodlum #1 One of the very first times you see Will in his new Bel Air digs, hes dancing in front of a Malcolm X poster, and he only starts paying attention to his Aunt and Uncle after he finds out Uncle Phil and Viv both attended Civil Rights protest at Selma in 1965.

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