She wasn't at the airport or the mall at that time. Welcome back, everyone. But her family don't believe that as they saw her the morning of the 5th of December and she was fine. Katelintold James about the new course that she was starting. Image Credit: Help find Katelin Akens/Facebook. She wouldve been starting cosmetology school soon. "It bothers everybody," Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Office Captain Jeff Pearce told The . But rumors abound: Ciccones mother, Stacy, told Dateline that her daughter was being stalked by another girl. However, phone pings showed Katelin or her luggage never left Spotsylvania. The Butler County Sheriff's Office said it has a person of interest in the Katelyn Markham homicide. Stepfather is not a suspect in disappearance of 19 year old Katelin Akens. Lisa has continued to hope that she will eventually know what happened to her daughter. That day, the 5th of December, Lisa couldn't drop Katelin off at the airport as she had to work. Katelin's phone was missing so police looked at the location records anddiscovered that when she sent Lisa the text message saying that she was at the airport, her phone pinged at a location more than 30 miles from that Springfield Metro stop. Detective Marshall feels he may simply be covering up for his step daughter- maybe he helped her. His house and vehicle were searched. And that person was her stepfather James. Katelin had her flight booked back to Arizona from Virginia for the 5th of December on the 5.40pm flight. On the day 19-year-old went missing, Sullivan drove to her ex-husbands home so that he could bring Aken to the airport for her flight back to Arizona, where she lived. Race White. That person has been interviewed at length and has been extremely cooperative, he says, adding that the young womens dispute stemmed from a fight over a boyfriend. She died as a result of a gunshot wound to he head. Pearce said the case is not connected to the murder of a young woman, Heather Ciccone, who was found shot dead in a car in Spotsylvania Sunday. Furthermore, authorities have stated that surveillance footage obtained from cameras in the area where she was dropped off has corroborated with the statements given by her stepfather. What you are about to read is not a news broadcast. The family says that when her mom and step dad split up, their relationship actually improved and became much stronger, now that he was no longer her disciplinarian. Anyone with information about her disappearance or the death of Heather Ciccone is asked to contact the Spotsylvania County Sheriffs Office at 540-582-7115 or Spotyslvania Crime Solvers at 1-800-928-5822. March 21st, 4:17 AM EDT. He claimed that Katelin told him there was a lot of drinking involved and she believed they forced themselves on her. He was reportedly cooperative, but there wasn't enough evidence to connect him to any wrongdoing in Latoya's missing person case. They confirmed with the airport that Katelin had never in fact made it on the plane, and they attempted to report her as a missing person to the police. EVIDENCE BACKS MISSING WOMAN'S STEPFATHER, WHO SAYS HE DROPPED HER OFF AT THE MALL. View the profiles of people named Kaitlyn Aikens. Growing up, Kaitlin was adventurous and free spirited. A few minutes after she received a text from James, Lisareceived a text message from Katelin's phone at 2pm: "I'm at the airport. Also the phone was pinged near James house at the time of this text. I dont know. In 2021, Lisa added that finding Katelins body would provide her with some closure. She states James was excited to see them, Katelin told him about her cosmetology school/diploma. If you have any information about the disappearance of Kaitlin Akens, please call Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Office 540-582-7115. Katelin arrived back home in Springfield Virginia on December 1st, ready for a whirlwind four days of visits with family and friends. She was supposed to have a bright future. The fact that the missing womans stepfather was last to see and talk to her has sparked some speculation on social media and crime case forums like Websleuths. January 25, 2022, "The effects of abuse are devastating and far reaching. Whenever possible, actual redditors have participated in investigating the events. But it wasthe body of 21 year old Heather Ciccone. The teen's wallet, identification, credit cards and plane ticket were reportedly among the items found in the luggage. Her suitcase was then found 45 miles away . They believed that an app on her phone that has encrypted messages may hold some answers as to what happened to her. He told her he dropped Katelin off and she thanked up. Katelin did in fact cheat on Amber the night before. Katelin Akens was last seen Saturday when her stepfather drove her from his home in Spotsylvania, about 60 miles southwest of Washington, D.C., to a suburban Washington shopping mall. Pearce said she had been in the area visiting her mother, who lives in neighboring Caroline County, and her stepfather in Spotsylvania. Lisa reported Katelin missing. Police spoke to James and searched his house and car but they didn't find anything that could assistwith their investigation into Katelin's disappearance. Carter was the last known person to see Katelyn . In fact, the last time she was seen alive was at his home. Eventually this theory was ruled out entirely, and two men have since been convicted of first degree murder in Heathers death. Katelins phone records dont corroborate this theory, but there is an encrypted messaging app on her phone which police do not have access to. Unfortunately theres lots of ground to cover Right now, were keeping a lot of evidence close to our vest and well keep investigating [until we find out who did this].. Date of Birth 09/02/1996 (26) Age 19 years old. Which is why her diploma was missing along with clothes, to throw everyone off or make it look like shes a runaway. If Katelins phone never went to the airport or the mall, if those texts werent her, that leaves one explanation- foul play. navigation search. Her luggage was found five miles from where Heather's body was found. He would not elaborate on the specific nature of those contents, citing an open investigation, but he did say that it gave him hope Akens would be found alive. Akens. The unsolved disappearance of a Virginia teenager four years ago has left family members desperate for answers and investigators puzzled as a key witness who may be able to help refuses to cooperate, WTTG-TV reports. Katelin Michelle Akens, 19, was last seen on Saturday after her stepfather dropped her off near a commuter rail station on her way to the airport. Katelin was with a friend and her boyfriend. 122 pounds. For reasons unclear, Akens never boarded her flight from Virginia to Arizona, where she was to attend cosmetology school. A long-unsolved missing persons case may be a step closer to being solved. Protect yourself and those you love. Lisa was confused due to texts from Katelins phone to her. Liam Griffin , Patch Staff Posted Wed, Apr 12, 2023 at 10:23 am ET | Updated . Her flight was scheduled for 5:00pm. And I was like, yeah, no, I really am. Battery dying so wont be able to text for a bit.. tons of circumstantial evidence, prosecutor do your job. Shed been shot in the back of the head. I believe these were usual teenage messages. Disclaimer: the sources I used have a lot of variation in the order of this next group of incoming texts, which one came first, which one caused alarm first, when they realized she was missing. We don't know where she is. SPOTSYLVANIA, Va. -- Police in central Virginia say a missing teen's luggage was found ditched along a road days after she went missing on her way to the airport. So what happened when James dropped her off at the mall? She also did her best to squeeze in some visits with friends- the night before she was scheduled to fly back to Arizona shed spent the night at a friends apartment after an evening of beer and board games. Officials tell PEOPLE there's no connection between the cases. Katelin moved to Arizona in 2014 to live with her girlfriend Amber Rios. They gathered that Lisa had dropped her off at James' house but they could not confirmthat James dropped Katelin off at the mall. If it wasnt the stepdad, he would have given police the password to his phone, taken a polygraph and done everything possible to show he was innocent. Her family says they wouldve noticed if something was wrong. Want to keep up with the latest crime coverage? I know they searched James car, but was it looked at for blood? 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She asks how the traffic was and thats when James tells her something that surprises her: I dropped her at the Springfield metro station. 0. I want to know if dogs were used to track her scent where her phone has pinged. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Why would he want to harm Katelin in any way? The luggage was found around 50 miles from the airport but just a few miles from Katelin's hometown. Amber had said a Facebook message was sent from Katelins account saying she cant come back because she cheated on her. 00:01:53. So if she wasn't on the flight home, then where was she? Katelin Akens was supposed to board a flight to get back home, but she never even made it to the airport. Katelin Akens is 5 feet 4 inches tall and 122 pounds, with blonde hair and blue eyes. You can find out more and change our default settings with Cookies Settings. Furthermore, Jameshad told Lisa he was due atwork at 3pm on the 5th of December and that was why he would have to drop Katelin off earlybut James never went into work that day and did not return to that job at all. KATELIN AKENS - MISSING (My theory) Springfield, Virginia 19 years old Dec. 5th 2015. You know, she was just there; like, she wasnt there, obviously, because she was in Arizona. It was the 5th of December 2015. said by the sheriffs office to have been. It was reported that James stopped cooperating with the investigators after a point. The Inquisitr is a registered trademark. Case: Katelin was supposed to fly back to her home in Arizona. James had to work at 3:00pm, so he wouldve had to drop Katelin off at airport early. But she was really there, like, virtually. She was due to fly back to Arizona, where shed been accepted to beauty school. Though those circumstances explain why she might have sounded like she was feeling out of sorts, it really didnt seem to fit the evidence at hand beyond the text messages. Lisa then left the house to go to work. He decided not to take a polygraph test and it was reported that he would not give police the password for his phone. The flight was not until 5 p.m., and at 1:52 p.m., Branton texted Sullivan that he had dropped Akens off. She reportedly planned to take the Franconia-Springfield metro from the mall to the airport. Email Email.,,,,, Murdered in California- The Case of the Doodler Killer, Murdered in Kansas: The Case of Alonzo Brooks, Missing in Minnesota: The Case of Brandon Swanson, Murdered in DC: The Case of the Freeway Phantom, Unsolved in California: The Case of the Keddie Cabin Murders. More speculation surrounding the disappearance of Katelin Akens surrounds the murder of Spotsylvania woman Heather Ciccone, who was found shot dead in her own car on Monday morning. Katelin flew into Virginia to visit her family in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, for the birth of her nephew. Oh absolutely her ex stepfather knows exactly what happened to her and where she is. Since Akens disappearance, her mother and family release balloons into the air to recognize special occasions. Boy, 10, Vanished in 2016. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This hobby had grown to a passion and Katelin had made a plan to go to cosmetology school. . His phone was nowhere near the airport or the mall. The contents of luggage gave us some leads that were following actively as we speak, he says, adding that it didnt show any signs of being tampered with. Sullivan told WTTG-TV that her ex-husband, James Branton, appeared glad to see them. Katelins sister Gabi seems to think there is a strong possibility that James helped her meet up with someone shed been talking to online and that person turned out to be someone evil who hurt her. Katelins phone never pinged far from James house. Katelin Michelle Akens (born September 2, 1996) is an American woman who mysteriously disappeared on December 5, 2015, after being dropped off at her former stepfather's residence in Partlow, Virginia. Fraught with worry, Lisa knew something was very wrong with her daughter and began calling every contact she could think of. Like Im going to come down to Virginia when hes born. Stephen Tschida (@ABC7Stephen) December 9, 2015, Surveillance cameras corroborate Katelin Akens stepfathers account of events before she went missing:, NewsChannel 8 (@NewsChannel8) December 9, 2015. Definitely the stepfather. I need some time alone.". You need ALL 3 of those things to start new elsewhere. The police had to establish where Katelinwas last seen. found shot dead in a car in Spotsylvania Sunday. Neither the sheriff's office nor Akens' family responded to requests for comment from The Huffington Post on Tuesday. Thrown over 100 yards: South Carolina Bride Dead, Groom in Critical Condition Moments After Leaving Wedding Reception, Update: Sex Offenders Wife, 3 Children Missing Amid Discovery of His Body Alongside 2 Teen Girls, BREAKING: 7 People Including 2 Missing Girls & Sex Offender Found Dead on Property. Since Katelin was scheduled to start her new cosmetology school on Monday, she had booked her flight back to Arizona for that Saturday evening, December 5th, at 5:40pm out of the Reagan National Airport in Arlington. 2023 Chilling Crimes. ", by Chilling Crimes Two days after Katelindisappeared, and just one day after Heather's body was found, Katelin'sluggage was found in a drainage ditch in Spotsylvania County near the Fredericksburg city limit. If these have been answered, please feel free to answer or correct me. Police looked into whether Katelin decided to leave of her own accord. And to add to the uneasy feeling this was giving her family, Lisa says that the text messages simply werent sent in Katelins style of texting. Akens mother, Lisa Sullivan, spoke to the news outlet about her daughters mysterious disappearance. The results validated all of Lisas fears because her phone was found to have been pinging all day off towers more than 50 miles from the airport, but less than 5 miles from where her suitcase had been located. Due to the fact that Katelin told him about her diploma and cosmetology school, I think he used this to his advantage. They were talking about it, sitting on the couch.. The Sheriff . Even though authorities have declared no known connections between Katelins and Heathers cases, residents do have reason to be uneasy. Maybe hes keeping secrets for her. A 16-year-old girl from Sterling who was reported missing earlier this week has been located safely, authorities said. It didnt sound like her. Reluctantly, sleepless and scared, Lisa carried on searching for her daughter on her own for the weekend and returned to the police station first thing Monday morning. When a teenager with her whole life ahead of her suddenly vanished, the authorities were stumped by the lack of solid evidence. Lisa had dropped off Katelin at James home at around 8:30 AM on December 5. What happened to this missing woman, and are authorities close to finding her? According to the police, the case remains open, and any leads that come through would be investigated thoroughly. Lisa wasn't sure she would even know how to get the metro. Katelins biological father moved out of state when she was just a toddler, and when Katelin was 7 years old, Lisa remarried to a man named James Branton. But it turns out that he didnt go to work that day. I think police should subpoena James phone or something in regards to him. James was happy to oblige but he had to work in Fredericksburg at 3pm, so they agreed that Katelin would arrive at the airport a little bit early and just hang out until her flight. She also has gauge-type piercings in her ears. Dec 8, 2015, 05:13 PM EST | Updated Dec 17, 2015. Texas Missing Persons Clearinghouse Online Bulletin, Browse photos and searchable bulletins of missing persons, abductors, and unidentified persons, a central repository for information and pictures of missing and unidentified persons in Texas. Police did not originally take their disappearances seriously as the two had run away together numerous times before. "Somebody had to have known that that was there . The state of Virginia is no stranger to serial killer activity, in general, with such notorious names as the Briley Brothers, Timothy Wilson Spencer, and the elusive Colonial Parkway Killer on the list. Shes currently classified as an endangered missing person, which indicates that police dont think she left on her own free will either, and we can assume that they probably have more evidence than were privy to. Battery dying, so wont be able to text for a bit. Despite asking Katelin to call when she got on the plane, Lisa didnt hear anything until 7:15 PM that evening. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Your email address will not be published. Anyone with information about the case is urged to call the Spotsylvania County Sheriffs Office at 540-582-7115. This case has many small turns, but I think James is very intelligent. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. According to the sheriff's office, a family member was taking Akens to the Ronald Reagan National Airport on Saturday when the teen asked to be dropped off at the Springfield Mall. All FBI Email Updates No, he has nothing to do with us, Detective Rob Marshall told the television station in 2017. Kaitlin Akens was last seen in Springfield Virginia on December 5th, 2015. She lived with her fianc, Amber. At the time of her disappearance she was approximately 19 years old, 54, 120 lbs with blonde hair and blue eyes, and was wearing a dark gray fleece pullover sweatshirt with a Bass Pro Shop emblem, black pants and pink and black Vans shoes. Katelin originally went back home to get her high school diploma. Required fields are marked *. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Amber had gotten a text from Katelin that she felt confused and upset by and she wasnt returning her calls: Im not coming back today, Ill let you know when I get a new flight. 00:02:43. If you know anything about this missing womans disappearance, you are encouraged to call the Spotsylvania County Sheriffs Office. So, if youre curious about an update in the case, weve got you covered. And if so, where was Katelin? She was visiting family in Spotsylvania County. Family told the station Akens was soon to start cosmetolegy school in Arizona, where she has lived for more than a year. About two days later, Katelins suitcase with her money, credit cards, and the plane ticket was found in a drainage ditch in Spotsylvania County. So just to confirm the story of a concerned father, Detective Marshall pulled security cam footage from inside the mall and the mall parking lot, the metro station, and the airport. The first thing to rule out in a missing persons investigation is the idea that theyre missing of their own free will. Lisa didnt think Katelin sent those texts. Despite the similarities in the cases,namely thatthey were a similar age and in the same area, police were able to establish early on that the two cases were not connected. She asked her ex husband, James Branton, if he could bring her instead. Where is she?". Lets talk about these cryptic text messages and her relationship with Amber. Her Fianc Was Just Charged with Murder, Arizona Parents Hid Dead Body of 16-Year-Old Son After Claiming He Ran Away: Police, After 30 Years, Police ID Calif. Woman Who Was Stabbed to Death, but Her Daughters Remain Missing, Mysterious 'Lady in the Fridge' Murder Victim Identified After 27 Years, Pa. Police Arrest 'Supposed' Friend, Business Partner in Death of Mom Found in Shallow Grave, 2 Students from Same Atlanta High School Found Dead, Police Say Cases Are Unrelated, Missing Texas Woman Is Found Dead After Planning to Confront Boyfriend About Him Being Married, Missing Architect Traveling in Mexico Confirmed Dead Near Bullet-Ridden Van Along with Fiance, Relatives, Person of Interest Gave 'Inconsistent Statements' in Case of Missing West Virginia Woman: Police, Netflix Documentary Unravels Mystery of 'Texas Killing Fields,' Where Dozens Have Been Found Slain, Young Va. Father Vanished Before Christmas, Family Finds Trail of Blood from His Car to Woods, Ariz. Her bodywas found slumped over the steering wheel of a vehicle parked outside a Spotsylvania residence. They were all full of encryptions that he has to this day refused to help unlock. His phone is encrypted and he will not give up the passcode. She was told initially of course that it was too soon to and that if Katelin wanted to be missing she could. Sullivan's thoughts often drift back to Dec. 5, 2015, when her daughter, Katelin Akens, disappeared at age 19. In an unexpected twist, seven years later in May 2007, a 37-year-old woman named Lea Aikens was found shot at her apartment. When Katelin Akens was last seen, she was being dropped off by her stepfather at a Metro station, where she was supposed to travel to the airport to catch a flight to Arizona. ", Spotsylvania Sheriff's Office - Roger L. Harris Sheriff, after police sought him out for questioning. They also did not know if she was at the airport at any stage,theRonald Reagan Washington National Airport, but they knew she did not get on the flight back to Arizona. I think all texts were made by him from Katelins phone. I'll let you know when I get a new flight. According to Lisa- The mall is not one that Katelin was familiar with, and neither was the metro. But when p. He decided not to take a polygraph test and it was reported that he would not give police the password for his phone. Battery dying so won't be able to text for a bit.". It contained her phone charger, glasses, wallet/cash, credit/debt cards, and her plane ticket. Kaitlin would be 25 years old today. Powered by VIP. Kaitlin has a tattoo of five butterflies on her left forearm and a tattoo of three red stars bursting on the top of her foot. Also I think she felt she couldnt come back, which is why she told Amber that. Akens has a tattoo of five butterflies . We are not going to turn down any information.. As far as the seized technology goes, its less about what they did find and more about what they couldnt find. Though her family doesnt think shed hide from them to avoid a breakup, the police arrange an intense stakeout just to be sure shes not hiding with any of her friends. On December 5, 2015, Katelin Akens was supposed to board a flight from Reagan National Airport in Virginia to Arizona. Other people just stop looking for them.". After he told Lisa that he had dropped Katelin off, he also told Lisa that he went to work. She was going to take the metro to the airport since there is a stop at Reagan.. My theory: I believe James had murdered Katelin. "Of course it's suspicious - the young lady was supposed to be on a plane back home to Arizona and we found her luggage in a drainage ditch in the middle of Spotsylvania County, nearly 50 miles from the airport," Pearce told Crimesider. The suitcase was scuffed and had a wheel missing. Interviewer: So, Katelin, how long has it been since you last saw her? Investigation Discoverys Disappeared: Flight Risk focuses on the young womans activities and whereabouts leading to her disappearance. There was a brief window where the rumor mill in Spotsylvania county worried there might be a serial killer among them, because right around the same time period the body of a young blonde woman was found locally.

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