We're also Rebuilding the Family by Rebuilding the Man!LIVE from Los Angeles M-F 6-9a PT (8-.. WitheBay for Charity, you can support BONDs mission of Rebuilding the Family by Rebuilding the Man" when you buy and sell items on eBay. 2/24/23 Friday, Hour 1: Diversity Until the Planes Crash! Only watch this if that sounds entertaining to you.Note: I turned off comments because I got tired of spending 1-2 hours a day explaining basic logic to ignorant bigots. - Age He is 73 years old as of 22 May 2022. BOND (Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny) was created by Peterson in 1990 and later registered as a religious non-profit. Give us a call at 1-877-932-2877, or email: [email protected] SPONSOR / ADVERTISE: Advertising and Sponsorship opportunities are available! Jesse misrepresented the statistic, and then piled other claims on top regarding crime and drug use with no basis. He ascribed his transformation to his Christian faith. The film explores how this deceptive ideology has torn apart the fabric of society while using black America as its number one tool for its destruction. (4/14/2023), Friday, Hour 1: Drugs in America, Fentanyl, (4/14/2023), Friday, Hour 2: callers, news, (4/14/2023), Friday, Hour 3: back to callers, (4/13/2023), Thursday, Hour 1: Priorities in America, caller, (4/13/2023), Thursday, Hour 2: back to callers, (4/13/2023), Thursday, Hour 3: back to callers, anger destroys, Geneva, (4/12/2023), Thursday, Hour 1: human nature, corrupt leaders, (4/12/2023), Thursday, Hour 2: FBI words list, back to callers, (4/12/2023), Thursday, Hour 3: back to callers, (4/11/23), Tuesday, Hour 1: San Francisco, violence, crime, (4/11/23), Tuesday, Hour 2: Justin Jones, callers, (4/11/23), Tuesday, Hour 3: back to callers, (4/10/2023), Monday, Hour 1: Idol Worship, (4/10/2023), Monday, Hour 2: back to callers, (4/10/2023), Monday, Hour 3: Guns, anger, back to callers, (4/7/23), Friday, Hour 1: LA homelessness, callers, (4/7/23), Friday, Hour 2: Transgender shooter, college protest, callers, (4/7/23), Friday, Hour 3: Back to callers, (4/6/23), Thursday, Hour 1: Attack on Christianity, (4/6/23), Thursday, Hour 2: back to callers, bible verses, (4/6/23), Thursday, Hour 3: back to callers, (4/5/23), Wednesday, Hour 1: recent elections, callers, (4/5/23), Wednesday, Hour 2: back to callers, (4/5/23), Wednesday, Hour 3: Updates on Trump, back to callers, (4/4/2023), Tuesday, Hour 1: Donald Trump, transgender, (4/4/2023), Tuesday, Hour 2: Trump updates, (4/4/2023), Tuesday, Hour 3: back to callers. [19][20][21], From 1999 to 2004, Peterson chose Martin Luther King Jr. Day to hold a "National Day of Repudiation of Jesse Jackson" to highlight his opposition to Jackson, who was near King when he was assassinated. 3/1/23 Wednesday, Hour 3: MANHOOD HOUR! Peterson has a career as an American conservative radio host, pastor, and broadcaster. Jesse Lee Peterson moderated the conversation which hit on various topics including faith, politics, what it means to be a man, dating, marriage, and much more. Jesse Lee Peterson (born May 22, 1949) is an American conservative radio host, pastor, and broadcaster. You don't have be married to raise children together, and in fact, black couples disproportionately don't marry. Uncle Tom II unveils the Marxist strategy of creating false racial tension between Americans, with its ultimate goal of obtaining power, destroying capitalism and replacing God with government. Check out Jesse's nonprofit, BOND, "Rebuilding the Family by Rebuilding the Man", 2015new Date().getFullYear()>2010&&document.write("-"+new Date().getFullYear()); All Rights Reserved, TOPIC: They really are coming for the children, Biden campaign ad, Dem lawmakers in VA hot mic, Trump campaign ad, JOSH GA: "how to know if, TOPIC: Biden ad/Trump ad, DENNY BULGARIA: "I understand thoughts, I don't have love", VICTORIA TX: "I understand thoughts now", ORLANDO NY:, TOPIC: C GA: "I am my body and my thoughts", SHAMON NC: "life experiences, forgiving my mother", SUPERCHATS. Also though late, Jesse seems to have understood the value of a wife and family in his life; at least his Twitter posts say so. Insensible to the happenings, Jesse Lee Peterson followed the same pattern as his parents: His father and mother had an intimate relationship without being married. Give us a call at 1-877-932-2877, or email: [emailprotected]. Natalie Bassingthwaighte Sheds Regret Over Estranged Husband; Has Kids From Dating Affair With Boyfriend? But thanks to God, Christianity, and the white people who founded America and made it great, black Americans have it made. 2/14/23 Tuesday, Hour 2: Want Your Country Back? [42][43] In 2017, Slager was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the killing. 2/9/23 Thursday, Hour 3: Refugees Regret Coming to America? Mr. Jesse Lee Peterson, 72, of Lumberton, passed away August 17, 2020. Pastor Larry Peterson has been accused of preaching hatred and fear of women from his pulpit. 2/1/23 Wednesday, Hour 2: Not Allowed to ask Questions. Jesse Lee Peterson 7.49K Followers. [11][12][13][14] He has protested against the NAACP[15][16] and feminist lawyer Gloria Allred. 5 Nonfiction Books To Read Before You Die, Jesse Lee Peterson Wife, Family, Net Worth, Son. Order his new book today! Peterson has indicated that he was a Democrat before switching to the Republican Party in his late 30s. [38] In 2020, he called then-U.S. President Donald Trump "the Great White Hope".[39][40]. 'Super Chats' via Streamlabs | Rumble | DLive | Odysee We read donation messages on-air during the show! 3/6/2023, Monday, Hour 2: giving up new job to go see momma? 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Dennis Prager, a conservative talk radio broadcaster, wrote the forewords to two of Petersons books. She has an estimated net worth of $2 Million. In response, Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan accused Peterson of homophobia, and Peterson's microphone was muted before he was kicked off the show. He believes that Jesus is not God but only the son of God. BOND hosted its 11th Annual Mens Conference at the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando, FL. 2022 Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny. The Jesse Lee Peterson Show | Los Angeles CA [22], In 2001, while meeting with Toyota executives in Los Angeles, Peterson accused Jackson of threatening him and his son Jonathan Jackson of assaulting him. He is a liar. Jesse Lee Peterson, a conservative radio presenter, broadcaster, and preacher from the United States, was born on May 22, 1949. Copyright 2023 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. BOND has close ties to the Tea Party movement. 2/13/23 Monday, Hour 2: White People Agree: It's NOT Ok to be White. 2/15/23 Wednesday, Hour 3: MANHOOD HOUR! 2/3/23 Friday, Hour 3: Get It Off Your Chest! [8], In 1990, Peterson founded BOND (Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny), later registered as a religious non-profit. Further, he is also a published author with several books to his name including The Antidote, SCAM: How the Black Leadership Exploits Black America, From Rage To Responsibility, and The Seven Guaranteed Steps To Spiritual, Family And Financial Success. Jesse Lee Peterson is a conservative radio personality, pastor, and broadcaster from the United States. 2/27/23 Monday, Hour 2: Scott Adams Crucified for Saying the Truth! He was born with a cleft palate that was not repaired until his teens. 2/14/23 Tuesday, Hour 1: LAX Collision, Trains Derailed; America's Race to the Bottom. 3/1/23 Wednesday, Hour 2: Satan is the Woman's God? However, any guest who has not checked-out in advance what Peterson is like are . 2/8/23 Wednesday, Hour 1: The State of the Union Lie! Controversial manosphere misogonist Jesse Lee Peterson has been accused of being a hypocrite on gay sex. ", HAKE NEWS, TOPIC: Back to callers, COLANDRA, Tucker Carlson releases statement, TRACY CA: "I appreciate you Jesse, you don't use people", RACHEL WV: "comment on Bill Lockwood: colleges", SUPERCHATS, Check out the trailer for nefarious Steve Deaces movie @ whoisnefarious.com. 2/1/23 Wednesday, Hour 1: Black Legacy; Wife Trying to Destroy Me! The Hake Report, live M-F 9-11 PT (12-2 ET) Call-in 888-775-3773, Nickstream, live Fridays 4-6 PM PT (7-9 ET) Call-in: 760-515-3855, Joel Friday TV Podcast, live Tuesdays 11-12p PT (2-3p ET), Program Directors and Station Managers, are you interested in airing The Jesse Lee Peterson Show on your station? He is a pretty goofy conservative guy on youtube who is very stubborn in his beliefs. In a sermon from 2012, he stated that allowing women to vote was one of Americas greatest failures. He has never been married but has been engaged twice. [1], On July 13, 2022, Church Militant, a conservative Catholic news and commentary site, published allegations of Peterson engaging in same-sex relationships, citing interviews with two former male associates. Peterson said Yang, an American born in New York, "should go back to China or wherever he came from. Daniel 8: bible thumping, divide the country? Photo by HANDOUT / JESSE LEE PETERSON The right-wing homophobic pied piper of. Judicial Watch brought suit against Jesse Jackson, Jonathan Jackson (his son), and Rainbow/PUSH Coalition on behalf of Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, a conservative, black minister and founder of the Los Angeles-based Brotherhood Organization for a New Destiny (BOND).The case arose from a December 2001 meeting at which Jackson and his son verbally and physically assaulted [] Bible Thumper Thursday Calls! Advertisements How old is Jesse Lee Peterson? Thereon, shetook the son with her and didn't allow him to meet his father. "[46], In 2022, Peterson gave a speech at the third America First Political Action Conference (AFPAC), which was also attended by Nick Fuentes and Marjorie Taylor Greene. The Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show on Apple Podcasts "Uniting the races with truth instead of dividing them with lies" M-F 6-9am PT call-in: 888-775-3773 - jlptalk.com Jesse's nonprofit, BOND: "Rebuilding the family by rebuilding the man" - rebuildingtheman.com The Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show Jesse Lee Peterson News 4.4 724 Ratings APR 28, 2023 Jesse Lee Peterson knows the value of wife, married life, and family after he got estranged with his son, he fathered first at age 19. He was wrong.2) Jesse's ancestors were indeed slaves. 3 hours ago 5/1/23 Mon. The Hake Report, live M-F 9-11 PT (12-2 ET) Call-in 888-775-3773, Nickstream, live Fridays 4-6 PM PT (7-9 ET) Call-in: 760-515-3855, Joel Friday TV Podcast, live Tuesdays 11-12p PT (2-3p ET), Program Directors and Station Managers, are you interested in airing The Jesse Lee Peterson Show on your station? People often make mistakes they resentothers for doing. Request a personalized shoutout for a birthday or any occasion! 3/2/2023, Thursday, Hour 3: your wife will destroy eveything you love, don't share bank accounts, Biden student loans, educated people ruining the country, 3/1/23 Wednesday, Hour 1: Lori Lightfoot Loses! Judicial Watch, a conservative organization, represented Peterson in the lawsuit. Peterson made a comparison between the Black Lives Matter movement and the Ku Klux Klan in 2018. He also has a YouTube channel that has more than 53.5 million views, and that translates to added revenue. 2/23/23 Thursday, Hour 3: It's a New Lie Every Day, 2/22/23 Wednesday, Hour 1: Victime Can't Handle the World; Moms Transitioning Kids, 2/22/23 Wednesday, Hour 3: MANHOOD HOUR: Need a Man to Stop WW3, 2/21/23 Tuesday, Hour 1: Being Vulnerable is Pure Evil, 2/21/23 Tuesday, Hour 2: Insane Mind Commits Violence. For good, Jesse and his son worked on their disagreements and repaired their relationship. As of now, his son is a family man with a . Jesse Lee Peterson has an estimated net worth of $200 Thousand as of April 2023. Jesse Lee Peterson is an evangelist, commentator, and all-around bizarre person. Uncle Tom II is an odyssey depicting the gradual demoralization of America through Marxist infiltration of its institutions. [40][48], Peterson's views on women have been described as misogynist. Jesse Lee Peterson got a young woman pregnant years ago and had a child out of wedlock and he never married her -Jesse was conceived out of wedlock because his natural father and mother never married so his mother married another man before Jesse was born to make it look like Jesse was not born out of wedlock but Jesse is always being critical on his radio show and calling other young blacks immoral and children of the devil because some of them had children out of wedlock but he never mentions his son was born out of wedlock; Jesse has hid this fact for many years while he constantly hypocritically condemns others that had children out of wedlock. Jesse is on CAMEO! From 1999 through 2004, Peterson held a National Day of Repudiation of Jesse Jackson on Martin Luther King Jr. Day to show his hostility to Jackson, who was near King when he was slain. Unmarried And Gay:-Unmarried Gay Actor Daniel Brocklebank, on Homosexuality: Thought It Was Just a Phase. Jesse, who earns an annual salary ranging from$44,260- $49,090 from his career as a radio host and an earning about$7400- $117800 from his YouTube channel, has not yet disclosed his net worth, but it is estimated to be a few million as of 2019. As a result, Jesse got born, and his biological father denied having impregnated his mother. This is 90 minutes of Jesse saying the dumbest things imaginable, and me mocking him relentlessly in response. Know his wife prospect plus net worth, education, age, height and more. 2/21/23 Tuesday, Hour 3: Free Black Man Talking = Uncle Tom? Jesse works with individuals, couples, and families at BOND, and speaks with people all around the world. Uniting The Races With Truth Instead of Dividing Them With Lies, Watch | Podcast | JLP Network | Exclusives/Donate | Contact/Tip, Talk Stream Live: App Store | Google Play | TalkStreamLive, TSL Listen line: 641-793-1500 or 585-652-0610 Probably undergoing the same fate as his dad,Jesse forgave his father for abandoninghis mother during pregnancy. The Official Website of Jesse Lee Peterson Jesse Lee Peterson Talk Show Host, Pastor, Counselor, Author, Activist The Jesse Lee Peterson Show Mon - Fri 6-9am PT / 9-noon ET The Fallen State New episodes every Friday Church Join us for Church Sunday 11am PT / 2pm ET WORLD PREMIERE - AUGUST 26, 2022 Cameo shoutouts! 2/13/23 Monday, Hour 3: Baby Mama Drama; Disobedient Wives & Your Calls! Jesse Lee Peterson says women getting the vote "one of the greatest mistakes America made", "Piers Morgan cuts off interview with guest who claimed "evil" BLM was founded by "lesbians and homosexuals", "A Man Alone: Jesse Lee Peterson versus the "black experience", "FOX's Hannity finally disclosed ties to Rev. on Maxine Waters, Michelle Obama, Meghan Markle, and Colin Kaepernick. "[36][37]He has called Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela an "evil man" and said that South Africa was better off under apartheid. He has referred to Nelson Mandela as a evil man and claimed that apartheid was better for South Africa. JLP Show M-F 6-9 AM PT // Church Sunday 11 AM PT The Jesse Lee Peterson Show, call-in: 1-888-775-3773 (888-77-JESSE) https://jesseleepeterson.com/show Church with . Jesse Lee Peterson is a radio and TV talk show host (The Fallen State), pastor, counselor, author, and founder of the nonprofit BOND. Jesse Lee Peterson was born on May 22, 1949, and he is presently 73 years old. Jesse Lee Peterson is public figure, founder of BOND, and outspoken critic of the so-called social justice movements today. ; Firmament Talk & More! 2/23/23 Thursday, Hour 1: Do You Know You are in Water? Now the fourth photograph in the first tweet is associated with this sambo homosexual pastor Jesse Lee Peterson, for Context, Vicki Dillard and Mr Boyce are running a separate slander campaign against people in our community who have receipts of work, they don't . On The Case For/Against Reparations for African Americans, held by the National Association of Black Journalists in 2002, Peterson challenged Michael Eric Dyson. 2/24/23 Friday, Hour 2: Christian Discrimination & Amazing Calls, 2/24/23 Friday, Hour 3: People Love Lies; Get It Off Your Chest Friday. (3/22/23), Wednesday, Hour 1: China and Russia peace deal, (3/22/23), Wednesday, Hour 2: Katie Hobbs, Talonya Adams, (3/22/23), Wednesday, Hour 3: back to callers, (3/21/23), Tuesday, Hour 1: Fear is an evil spirit, Southern border crossing, callers, (3/21/23), Tuesday, Hour 2: back to callers, (3/21/23), Tuesday, Hour 3: Hilary Ronen, back to callers, (3/20/23), Monday, Hour 1: Crime in California, banning skittles, (3/20/23), Monday, Hour 2: reparations in CA, callers talk about Florida, (3/20/23), Monday, Hour 3: Alvin Bragg, back to callers, (3/17/23), Friday, Hour 1: Neo-Conservatives, Warmongering, Russia, (3/17/23), Friday, Hour 2: Evil mama spirit, Kamala, callers, (3/17/23), Friday, Hour 3: California, teacher strike, callers, (3/16/23), Thursday, Hour 1: Weak Leaders, Tiger Woods, callers. Peterson spent a year at Los Angeles City College. Jesse Lee Peterson Says Blacks Should Be Sent 'Back To Plantation' To Boost Work Ethic", "South L.A. Rev. [4][44][45]In 2019, Peterson called activist Andrew Yang a "communist" and "beta male" for his universal basic income proposal. Jesse Lee Peterson Sexist Sermon: 'Greatest Mistake America Made Was Allowing Women To Vote' [VIDEO]", "Pastor: Women's Voting Rights 'One Of America's Greatest Mistakes', "Jesse Lee Peterson: A Child Conceived in Rape Should Be Raised by the Rapist", "Allegations of Manosphere Pastor's Gay Past Roil Macho Men", Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (BOND), https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Jesse_Lee_Peterson&oldid=1151946971, Radio host, political commentator, minister, This page was last edited on 27 April 2023, at 06:29. NFL HATES BLACK PEOPLE! He was born with a cleft palate, which was not corrected until he was in his twenties. It's bad enough on kids when they don't have both parents, it's worse when a so-called step-parent steps in they want their natural father and natural mother, and especially their natural father. [23], In 2002, Peterson debated Michael Eric Dyson on "The Case For/Against Reparations for African Americans," hosted by the National Association of Black Journalists. He was wrong. 2/6/23 Monday, Hour 2: The Pentagon is the President? Last night, Politico reported that a former Liberty University student and bandmate of Jerry and Becki Falwell's son was alleging that Becki Falwell once climbed into bed with him, performed oral sex on him, and then proceeded to send him a bevy of creepy Facebook messages. [41]In 2015 on right-wing commentator Sean Hannity's show, Peterson defended Michael Slager, a white former North Charleston, South Carolina police officer who killed Walter Lamar Scott, an unarmed black man by shooting him in the back. They're Just Like Us! Contact the producer to send interview guest ideas, story tips, and feedback. Upset, fellow panelist Leo Terrell abruptly walked out of the interview prematurely. Quipping the importance of family, he advisedhis parents-fans to stay married and not let their kids suffer the consequences of a broken family via a tweet of April 2017. if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[250,250],'liverampup_com-banner-1','ezslot_2',611,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-liverampup_com-banner-1-0'); Jesse, age19, is a radio host, author, activist, and counselor. 2/15/23 Wednesday, Hour 2: Are You on Tinder? [24][25][26], Conservative talk radio host Dennis Prager wrote the forewords to two of Peterson's books. Political analyst Kirsten Powers confronted Peterson on Sean Hannity's program on Fox News, accusing him of using his status as a pastor to preach hatred and fear of women. (3/23/23), Thursday, Hour 2: Personality?, back to callers, (3/23/23), Thursday, Hour 3: NYC subway, van jones. Enjoy reading!! It was a little crowded on the slave ships. (3/16/23), Thursday, Hour 2: back to callers, celebrities talk about Christianity, (3/16/23), Thursday, Hour 3: back to callers, UC Davis, Antifa, Air Force, (3/15/23), Wednesday, Hour 1: Smollet hoax, Fake rape, caller, (3/15/23), Wednesday, Hour 2: callers, Eric Adams, (3/15/23), Wednesday, Hour 3: Manhood Hour, Miltary talk, Antifa, callers, (3/14/23), Tuesday, Hour 1: hangman's noose?, callers, (3/14/23), Tuesday, Hour 2: Callers, BLM leaders, new statue, (3/14/23), Tuesday, Hour 3: robot soldiers, experts, callers, (3/13/23), Monday, Hour 1: Border, taxes, callers, (3/13/23), Monday, Hour 2: SVB shuts down, wife gives out beatings, (3/13/23), Monday, Hour 3: back to callers, 3/10/23, Friday, Hour 1: Drug Cartel, LA cops shot, LA-Times, callers, 3/10/23, Friday, Hour 3: Colin Kaepernick, China, Trump, callers, 3/9/23, Thursday, Hour 1: Baptism, callers, Hake News, 3/9/23, Thursday, Hour 2: NYC Masks, El Salvador, back to callers, 3/9/23, Thursday, Hour 3: Women, confusion, back to callers, 3/8/2023, Wednesday, Hour 1: Antifa, Brooklyn Professor, callers, 3/8/2023, Wednesday, Hour 2: back to callers, CA walgreens, callers, 3/8/2023, Wednesday, Hour 3: back to callers, 3/7/2023, Tuesday, Hour 1: Everyone has a role, Antifa, 4 callers, 3/7/2023, Tuesday, Hour 2: Back to callers, picking sides, anger, Biden, gas prices, 3/7/2023, Tuesday, Hour 3: Trade jobs, student debt, theft, anger, callers. I Tried to Tell Ya! 2/28/23 Tuesday, Hour 2: Amazing Callers! But, the circle of life soon caught up to him, and he did the same thing he loathed about his dad. And, American conservative pundit, Jesse Lee Peterson is obviously one of them. 2) We have Jesse forgetting to log out of an all gay site, a public FACT. The American conservative radio host, pastor, and broadcaster remains the founder of Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (BOND), a Christian ministry. Uniting The Races With Truth Instead of Dividing Them With Lies, Watch | Podcast | JLP Network | Exclusives/Donate | Contact/Tip, Talk Stream Live: App Store | Google Play | TalkStreamLive, TSL Listen line: 641-793-1500 or 585-652-0610

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