The cast of Malcolm in the Middle as of season 5, (from behind, left to right): Christopher Masterson as Francis, Frankie Muniz as Malcolm, Erik Per Sullivan as Dewey, and Justin Berfield as Reese. This was when Reese faked his tears to confess to what he did. Faked a back injury just to get out of a survival exercise, Tied him up to a chair and dropped him off in the forest with only an army blade. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information, He had called home to tell them how's his time in school, getting arrested for arson and other crimes, Malcolm claimed he didn't do anything that bad, Hitting a wheelchair bound Stevie in the check causing him to "fall", Reprimanded as bullies aren't allowed to hit Stevie. He is the one she favors the most since she believes he would finally fulfil the dreams that she never got to do. Lois realized how much her sons loved her, while the clowns didn't realize they would end up in jail since the boys were underaged at the time and because the clown that attacked Hal from behind did so by strangling him which obviously clearly meant that he tried to kill Hal. This made Lois resentful towards her over the years. The only son Lois didn't plan for his future is Reese because no matter how hard she tries to rehabilitate him and get him ready for the real world, he would still be the same degenerate delinquent he is. Lois's Birthday: Directed by Ken Kwapis. Grounded for three weeks and adding housework. She finally accepts Piama as part of her family after going through a terrible time with Hal's family in Family Reunion and they've gotten along since then. Reese tried telling Lois that, thinking it would annoy her, but it only gave her the idea to take away their pillows. RELATED: That '70s Show Almost Starred Chuck Norris in a Key Role. Found out about Ida's affair with Radu Gogorsky and that Radu was her dad the whole time. After a while, the family head to the mall, where Hal searches aimlessly for a gift for his wife. Tripped on falling leaves which Reese neglected to rake. Nonetheless, Malcolm breaks the case when herecollects that thedates Hal is accused of federal fraud are all Fridays. Coming home drunk on Thanksgiving from a party. Messing up with the steam cleaner and getting all foamed. Overpricing them to keep their uniforms fresh and soft. Attempted to give Dewey a wet willy to make his ear infection worse, Threatened to cancel the family trip to the water park. Destroyed an old computer which was worth thousands of dollars. Lois' wishes to not have anymore children was revealed in, Lois has been fired twice from Lucky Aide. Herkabe tries to seek revenge on Malcolm by taking gym. Malcolm: Stevie, I know what your mom did was horrible, but you've got to stop feeling sorry for yourself. MITM_Fan. She fought back claiming that she didn't know Francis was just sick and thought he was drinking like her dad was. Your favorite characters, past episodes and actors. Destroying family prized possessions and a car, Malcolm, Reese and Dewey are locked in a stalemate with Lois, Found out Francis has been hustling pool at local bars by the Alabama State Sheriff, Forced Francis to play a fair game of pool. This was mainly due to his own fears of being told on to Lois by Kitty and possible grounding. This has lead to her being an absolute control freak after witnessing them favoring Susan. Lois was enraged to learn that Ida had lied to her all her life and that she wasn't legally married to Victor. Skating in the house and messing up one of coffee table with his skates. It seems to me that Lois murdered jamie's babysitter, Claire ! They choose Hal. Reese and Malcolm immediately regretted getting Francis arrested right away after realizing how more demanding Craig is with his and Jellybean's needs. He's ripping phones out of the walls. Dewey gathered the presents and gave them to his older brothers. Hal, on the other hand, likes his wife's new weight gain, because sheis thicker. The single camera sitcom centered a somewhat dysfunctional lower middle class family, the Wilkersons. Near the end, she started experiencing the negative side to having girls. When Hal also forgets her birthday, Lois decides that is enough, so she escapes until the family finally decides that they need her. He hasn't slept in four days. ", NEXT:10 Episodes Of Malcolm In The Middle That Aged Poorly, Early 2000s Sitcoms Which Defines That Era Of TV, 5 Strongest Sitcom Moms Of The 2000s (& 5 Strongest Dads), 10 Best Episodes Of Malcolm In The Middle According To IMDb, Francis emancipates himself and quits military school, 10 Facts You Didn't Know About Malcolm In The Middle, Hal works in a gray office in a gray building, 10 Episodes Of Malcolm In The Middle That Aged Poorly, The Punisher's MCU Return Could Mean The End For One Avenger, Chicago Fire Season 11 Finale Story Details Are Bad News For Severide Comeback Hopes, 11 Picard Season 3 Updates To Star Trek Voyager. Have you notice out of all boys, Lois seems to like controlling every aspect of Malcolm's life. Ida Welker (mother)Victor Welker (stepfather/legal father)Radu Gogorsky (biological father) This was supported in Garage Sale when she realized the kind of person he truly is and yelled at him for throwing away $1,300 the family needs to finish their expansion. Their 4th misbehavior came when Lois busted Malcolm and Reese tying a Christmas stocking on Dewey's head tightly and poking him with fire pokers. Upon reaching a safe spot, Hal checks the bag only to realize that he stole the wrong bag. Forced him to reimburse her by paying for it or else he doesn't come home. One time, Lois was talking about her childhood to Jamie and explained that throughout her whole childhood, she's been trying to be something she's not because her mother continuously tried to make her act that way, using the success of her sister as an influence. The sitcom would not have worked if Lois didn't have those flaws and it doesn't mean she is an awful parent either. Losing hot water for his floor for a month and being "thanked" by the other cadets. Instead, he comes home toan angry father chasing him around the neighborhood, in the hopes of beating him up. Found out about Francis' bet against her team in his attempt to quit his job along with holding some of her best players hostage, Tied Francis to an ice resurface machine naked in revenge. When Lois gives the boys $10 each to buy her a present, they decide to get something for themselves, which causes her to have grief. Part of this also stems from how out-of-control Francis was as an infant. It was because of her being unable to finish college that lead to her not being able to fulfil her dream as a US President and thus she hoped Malcolm would find his successes as one, albeit being a much more harder path. In spite of it, she secretly wished for a girl. Falsely and wrongfully accusing Piama of cheating on him with another man. When she learned Susan was dying from cancer and never told anyone about it, Lois offered her one of her kidneys. After Lois joins a book club, Hal is determined to keep the boys in check whilst looking after them by himself for a night.SUBSCRIBE: As if raising kids wasn't a difficult enough job, Lois also worked at a drugstore to help the family make ends meet. Found out about Reese's unnamed infractions at school, Forced Reese to return the favor by being Ed's slave if he wants to avoid having Lois discover his infractions, Eating the dinner that Reese cooked for their anniversary. Thought this was pretty neat to see, as I'm a big fan of both the show and Hopsin myself. He was making unacceptable speeches about the government on his pirated radio, Craig did the right thing to pull over, not wanting any involvement with Hal, Picking a fight and making a mess in the living room, Lois would not uphold his punishment unless he took Alison to the dance, Plans to punish him by making demands until she's an old lady, After observing the same kid studying with a rival school, Malcolm decides to stay and let Lois punish him after he gets home, which she accepts, Found out that he was planning to injure his foot. This has caused a lot of friction between her, Hal and the boys over time. Refused to help Reese with his snake suit, Pranking Malcolm by tampering Stevie's acceptance speech, Two weeks of cleaning the bathroom and eating off the floors, She also ordered Reese to get rid of his snake skin suit because everyone in the family finds it disgusting, This was after Lois was able to retake control of Jamie, Lying about his mother dying and being a fitness guru, Ordered his father to stay out of his life and let him live it as he likes, Malcolm convinced her to talk to Hal and apologize, Not being informed about Ditch Day and their party, When Reese and Malcolm confronted them, the students revealed their resentment with the boys for getting them arrested from a previous get together in, Discovered Hal took a pornographic picture of her on New Years Eve, Ordered Hal to surrender the photo of her at once. Pilot Hal is completely nude, as Lois shaves off his entire body with clippers. Susan Welker (younger half-sister) Jane KaczmarekDevin Sidell (teenager; flashback) Used a bike rack to secure Stevie's wheelchair to ensure he doesn't escape. None, as Francis' lowlife pals took the false letter. Like Ida, Victor has been abusive to her all her life. Found out about Malcolm seeing Reese's former girlfriend, Beth, on the sly, This was at the time before Lois suffered a mental breakdown. Reese and Malcolm blamed Francis for telling on them to Hal and Lois as well as the Kenarbans, Getting the family banned from another public place with the fighting, Dragging the boys by their necks, yelling at them and possible grounding, This was when he was feeling guilty for his actions, Believing Dewey chased away another babysitter. However, it doesn't mean she has been easy on him whenever he is being a child or had done something against her wishes. Lois' wishes to have a girl in the family is supported in. Dave Abernathy, Sheryl Adams, James Allen, Humiliating them by exposing all there secrets. Francis yelled at Lois, but she refuses to budge on the incident, He showed the tape form the other store's security cam which could exonerate Lois, They also ordered Craig to keep his mouth shut or they will make his life a living hell by exposing his own dirty secrets, Forced them and Hal to find her and apologize. Lois and Halare one sitcom's most iconic couple. However it wasn't until his arrest in for burning the neighbor's car and having sex with his previous girlfriend, that she shipped him off to Marlin Academy. They left Hal on the ground and walked away. Not wanting to tell his wife, who is exercising rigorously to lose weight, Hal begins injecting extra sugar and butter into his wife's diet food behind her back. Jamie is a lot better at manipulating Lois than his brothers. In an especially funny scene, Francis emancipates himself and quits military school. Lois' younger half-sister. Beat him up and left him to face Spangler's wrath. Leaving Hal and Dewey on the buoy to visit the cheerleaders' camp. Their relationship hasn't improved in Graduation and Susan was implied to have given Ida her ticket because she is still mad at Lois for foiling her chances at death. Every member in the family had their flaws, and one of Lois' main flaws was the fact that she was too strict and took things too far. The second misbehavior was when the boys made a mess in the living room by playing in the fake snow, causing Lois to yell at them. Nonetheless, he is victorious when he reveals that he and Lois have a great love life in the bedroom, making time for each other thrice a day. Get mad. As a matter of fact, Hal tells Lois that he is OK with her loving him less than he loves her. Hal and Lois always try to present a united front in front of their children. Trying to use the church-run day care for her own convenience, She also threatened to tell her husband, Pastor Roy, about her behavior and have her family kicked out of the congregation, Ordering Lois to get rid of him or else the store will lose money, Lois planned to take Seth back to the church-run day care and explain to Donna why the sharing program doesn't work in her work schedule, Seth is covered in make up and showing them condoms, They thought Lois was a terrible influence on their son, Threatened with cavity probes until they stop their activities. The boys learn that Hal cheated on Lois with Susan's prom night, when she found the two together on the hood of her car after a five-year relationship with Hal. This was when the family van broke down in his attempt to return the stolen items. The actress disappeared briefly in Season 4 due to her real-life pregnancy. Jamie has learned to hate Lois at a very young age and just shares the same opinions for her that his brothers do. Alison broke up with Reese in revenge for trying to renege his promise. The kids had to suck it up for an hour or two a week and go to the stupid classes, it might have sucked, but life is unfair. The washer and dryer became her biggest tormenters aside Malcolm and Reese. Today,Malcolm In The Middle is best remembered for portraying the American working class, and family life that can get a bit out of hand. Afterward, Kaczmarek continued to play Lois Wilkerson through Malcolm in the Middle's end, which totaled seven seasons and 151 episodes over six years. Frenemies She knows that no matter how hard she tries to rehabilitate him and get him ready for the real world, Reese would remain the same degenerate delinquent he is. Lois was grounding them while the police came to arrest her. Found out Reese sold his Government issued backpack and uniform for a Game Boy and a few games. See production, box office & company info, CBS Studio Center - 4024 Radford Avenue, Studio City, Los Angeles, California, USA. Annoying him with orders to stay out of trouble. Spouse The friction between Lois and her family escalated when Hal chose to . Malcolm and Reese. The focus of . She never followed through with her threat, due to the boys' prank. Published Dec 15, 2020. When Lois gives the boys $10 each to buy her a present, they decide to get something for themselves, which causes her to have grief. reese_is_cool; Jan 26, 2009; Replies 3 Views 9K. Threatened to tell Lois about Dewey's misdeeds if he didn't cooperate. Bullying Malcolm by repeating him, calling him stinky, cutting in line in front of him, taking the last frozen pizza slice and chewing it in front of him and spitting pizza sauce in his face. This was when they caught Francis goofing around in his wheelchair, rather than remaining on bed rest. Told to stay put because he'd only make things worse. The popular early 2000s sitcom Malcolm in the Middle followed adolescent genius Malcolm Wilkerson (Frankie Muniz) and his dysfunctional, working-class family of six. The host found out and demanded that Herkabe and rival schools come into the meeting room to discuss their behavior. Hal donned several layers of coats to protect himself. After busting them for breaking Christmas ornaments, she decided enough is enough. It was only after she caught him playing with lighter fluid and about to start a fire that she became assertive by burning his teddy bear in the fireplace right in front of him. Berfield's birthday is February 26, 1986. It was Lois' carelessness in overloading the washer that lead to it's defectiveness. Ida disrespects her and insults her whenever she gets a chance and has absolutely no love to share with her. Reese was very grateful for Malcolm in standing up for him. He had wished that Hal had married Susan because she was higher class and talented. Created by Linwood Boomer, Malcolm in the Middle aired on Fox from 2000 to 2006. In the Season 4 finale, Jamie (James Rodriguez, Lukas Rodriguez) was born, replacing Dewey as the youngest Wilkerson boy. Jamie was also framed by Dewey. Lois found her paycheck and threw it away, Forcing the family to attend Aunt Helen's funeral, Argued against going because they all despised Helen, Forcing his family to not go to Aunt Helen's funeral, Kicking the trash can and berating Malcolm for his selfishness. Ruining the decorations by dumping worms all over them and having the birds fly over and knock them down. Lied about the things he was writing about in his report, Hal was unaware about Lois overhearing him insult Dewey loudly, This incident encouraged Dewey to write a report on Lois instead. His sniffer dog, Patton, exposed Francis for smoking. Rendall was so humiliated by this incident, Blamed Kitty for abandoning Abe and Stevie. Francis fought back by hurting Reese and Malcolm explained Lois is taking her anger out on them because of him. M. A. Piama fought back against Lois, making her the only Wilkerson daughter-in-law Lois can't win in a fight against due to their similar personalities. Dewey explained that Mrs. White was hospitalized along with his own misadventures in getting home after being lost. Planned to ship Francis off to a work farm for troubled kids in Arizona. She was given a chance to experience her life with them in her fantasy. Ida and Lois perform traditional dances from "the old country" (most likely Croatia). Made him read the list of swear words and insults, Malcolm realizes the true meaning of swear words, Francis was the one who told on them to Lois in order to avoid being punished, To force his brothers to comply and give Richie the letter. Only a few times, Lois does have an epiphany over being a awful mother to her sons. Malcolm and Lois hate each other. In Lois' past, Ida and Victor had been abusive to her and believing her to be weak all her life. Going into a room they weren't allowed into. Ruining their Luncheon with their cousins by riding a golf cart over the food. Reese is also graduating and looking to get a job as a janitor at North High School. Beaten up senseless and putting him in the hospital. Goodbye Kitty: Directed by James Simons. Parents He rebelled against her wishes, which causes most of the fighting. Heading to Herkabe's office to confront him by beating him up. This allowed him to be captured by the FBI agents who were working with FCC to bring him down and will cooperate in testifying against him. Using Malcolm to film Reese's embarrassing moments, Exposed not only his own secret but also the other students who bribed Herkabe to help hide theirs' as well. The lead clown insulting Lois for her ungrateful behavior along with the other clowns attempting to gang up on Hal in the resulting fight with the lead clown after the lead clown escalated the fight by punching Hal in the face instead of just apologizing to Lois and walking away. This was before Hal found out Kevin's father was a minor at 15. As Malcolm in the Middle entered its fourth season in 2002, it was revealed that Jane Kaczmarek was pregnant. Hal takes the stand to testify that he has missed work every Friday for 15 years to go on his own little adventures, like visiting aquariums. Hal would regretfully revoke his punishment a day later. She even went to say with him in his dorm at college. In Victor's Other Family, Lois finally learns the truth about Ida's affair with Radu Gogorsky and that he is her birth father, not Victor who fathered Susan. Herkabe ordered his sidekick to erase everything on his hard drive. Lois, however, learned to reign dominance upon Jamie again, realizing that she had the same trouble with Francis, years back. Malcolm noted his abandoning Hal was worth it because he couldn't stop smiling at the cheerleaders. Malcolm, who is in the same class, eventually sticks up for him. Embarrassing him and the students by revealing everyone's secrets, Three weeks suspension and cleaning the cafeteria, Reese was having the time of his life pointing out the students' flaws. This was when he found out Piama was trying to reconcile with her estranged father. Being banned from Nintendo, and also losing their pillows for the night. People have pointed out that she did things like forcing her kids to go to bible study classes so Jamie could go to daycare. Let's take a look at why. Lois has been directly responsible for chasing away previous neighbors with her continual confrontations. Trying to get out of his share of doing his project, Confined him to the room and threatened Spangler on him, Francis basically didn't take Eric's threat seriously, Malcolm felt guilt over hurting Cynthia and wanted to apologize to her, Messing up other people's dishes and making them sick, Hal stops her by mentioning that yelling isn't affecting Reese because he know she can be taken advantage of, Messing up other people's dishes in a cooking contest, Calmly grounded him for a month and banned from cooking meals inside the kitchen. This was when she is bedridden after throwing her back. Serving Craig and Jellybean as their house guest. The only time Lois did regret it was back in Forwards Backwards because she and Hal were very angry at Malcolm and Reese. When Hal also forgets her birthday, Lois decides that is Read allWhen Lois gives the boys $10 each to buy her a present, they decide to get something for themselves, which causes her to have grief. Oct 12, 2008. When she had to go to the hospital during her Staph Infection scare due to Reese's uncontrollable kicking in the womb, she was worried about him asking about her and Hal being unable to be a parent to him. The neighbors sees past her attempt as a means to try and curry their favor. Lois berates Pinter for past behavior and loudly reveals dirty secrets about him that no one else except her knows: including his bribing Lois to cover for him by having her write sales reports, his secret stash of marijuana and his affair with the district manager's wife. Enemies One such story is her' weight gain. "Boys, please! Lengthy grounding and three weeks worth of chores around the house. Trying to help Ida sue their parents by claiming neglect and abuse, Reprimanding the boys and making them realize what could happen if Lois gives birth to another sibling in jail, The boys banded together offering Hal and Lois support, Fed up with Lois trying to force them to lead their lives in a manner she wanted. Hal was the one who convinced Lois and Francis to talk with predictable results. anybody else feels the same way?/. The series was created by Linwood Boomer and starred Frankie Muniz as the titular character Malcolm. Abe confronted Lois, but she refused to yield. Lois's rage, intolerance and constant need for control stem from several factors: Her completely miserable and unloving childhood. Ida, on the other hand, doesn't return the favor. Cutler struck back by offending Piama in racially insulting her Inupiat heritage. The closest she had to having a daughter is. She almost never let's him have any joy as she views Malcolm Primary goal at all times is to ensure he lives up to his potential and views indulging in such things was what ruined everything for her and Hal. This lead to Lois yelling at the two again and using scissors to cut the stocking loose to free Dewey's head. He reasons that if she loved him equally as much as he loved her, they would never leave the bedroom. With Jane Kaczmarek, Bryan Cranston, Christopher Masterson, Justin Berfield. Okay, not my mom. Reese mentions this to Malcolm and how he was successful in making Lois take her medication. You've got to stop him," Malcolm begs neighbor, Craig. Emancipating himself and allowing him to leave school, Ignoring Francis when he came over for a visit(revealed in, This was when she and Hal got a letter from the same cheap lawyer in Alabama, Found out he quit school and emancipated himself by forging his and Lois' signatures, Hal later calms down to talk some sense in Francis and telling him that he could've talked to them about going to alternate schools and graduating before deciding to move to Alaska. She made him go to special class even when he didn't want to. She and Piama didn't get along originally in Hal's Birthday. In a 2002 New York Post article, Kaczmarek was quoted as saying, Ive been told theyre going to work the pregnancy into the show. Feeling distressed and at a loss, he steals the gift that another man purchases for his wife and runs maniacally out of the mall. Francis won, but the cadets didn't care to punish him as they wanted him to win. Lois has shown how much she loves Hal in the same manner as he loves her, albeit not as much. Though Lois was hotheaded at times, she was also very intelligent and decisive. Although they never seem to have any positive interactions with each other, Lois seems to still show some kind of care for her deep down. This has lead to her being an absolute control freak after witnessing them favoring Susan. "Punching Dewey" (Dewey really just punched himself and got him blamed). Stubborn and overbearing, Lois constantly battled throughout Malcolm in the Middle to keep her misbehaving, rambunctious boys in line. This is due to her serious disciplinary actions, involving destroying toys, banning cooking, and turning sons against each . Lois' middle son. Whiney, boring, all this sadness for secondary character just doesnt do good for the show. Overheard Malcolm and Reese talk badly about her along with another prank at the raw sewage facility. Although Hal is a big softie, he is tough on his children when he needs to be, backing Lois up in most of her punishments against the kids. Craig FeldsparKitty Kenarban When news of the pregnancy broke, fans wondered how it would work into the show and if a new Wilkerson would be added to the bunch.

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