Dundee Summerhouse 5.75m x 3.7m Log Cabin

44 mm / 370×575 cm / 20,5 m²

    • 5375 £
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    • 1340 £

This model can hold multiple desks, work stations and even has a storage room making this the perfect garden office for use all year round, this means that this garden building will provide a more than suitable replacement for the study or spare room in your home, saving you tons of space!

Base Size Metric 5.75m x 3.7m
Base Size Imperial 19ft x 12ft
Log Thickness 44mm
Roof Type Apex
Floor Area 16.47m2
Wall Height 2.11m
Ridge Height 2.51m
Roof Boards 18mm
Floor Boards 18mm
Door Double (1) Single (2)
Window Double (1) Single (2)
Glazing Double
Reversible Construction Available Yes
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