Anguillita Log cabin 3.9m x 3m

Size: 3.9m x 3.0m

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Anguillita log cabin by Lasita Maja. This would make the perfect addition to any garden. The Anguillita is 3.9m x 3m with an apex height of 2.45m with 40mm double glazed windows with double doors that include a lock, and two inward opening, tilt and turn windows.


Size: 3.9m x 3.0m
Base Size Required: 3890mm x 2990mm
Log Thickness: 40mm
Internal Floor Area: 11.15m²
Eaves Height: 2.11m
Apex Height: 2.45m
Roof Angle: 13.0°
Roof Area: 15.48m²
Roof Overhang: 280mm
Roof & Floor Boards: 18mm
Treated Bearers: 70mm x 45mm
Double Door: 1588mm x 1850mm
Single Window x 2: 710mm x 1224mm
Double Glazing: Premium Plus
Window Type: Inward Opening
Shingles (packs): 7
Reversible Design: Yes
Wood Type: Nordic Spruce
Finish: Bare Untreated
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